Client base

STvB serves many Dutch Caribbean corporations, international corporations entering into transactions with Dutch Caribbean counterparties or transactions governed by the laws of any of the Dutch Caribbean. In addition STvB also assists leading international banks and other financial institutions requiring advice on corporate, banking and finance matters in the four jurisdictions constituting the Dutch Caribbean. The firm is counsel to most Curaçao listed companies and advises many other (international) companies - including (offshore) banks, finance companies, insurance and investment companies, holding companies and royalty companies - and wealthy individuals that use any of the four Dutch Caribbean jurisdictions in their international operations.

As such STvB has been involved in most international transactions involving companies incorporated in one of the four Dutch Caribbean jurisdictions. 

In addition, the firm over the years has been instrumental in the development of new financial products such as finance companies, off-shore investment funds and private foundations. The revolutionary commercial law, laid down in Book 2 Civil Code that was introduced effective March 1, 2004, was prepared by a committee chaired by Gerard C.A. Smeets, former civil law notary in Curaçao. 

For many of the Fortune 500 corporations, major banks, as well as prominent accounting firms, tax advisors and law firms in the United States, Europe, the Pacific Rim and Latin America, STvB has been and remains the logical choice for obtaining advice and assistance as to matters of the laws of any of the four Dutch Caribbean jurisdictions.